Description. Alexa Fluor™ is a bright, green-fluorescent dye with excitation ideally suited for the nm laser line. Used for stable signal generation in. His Tag Alexa Fluor® conjugated Antibody Summary. Specificity. Detects proteins containing accessible consecutive histidine regions. The antibody detects. Labeled Tubulin-Alexa Fluor® displays maximum absorption at nm and nm. Spectroscopic analysis reveals a peak at nm and nm, indicating. Product Description. Alexa Fluor® Phalloidin allows researchers to fluorescently stain the cytoskeleton through the binding of phalloidin to F-actin. This. Alexa Oligo Labeling Bio-Synthesis offers Alexa fluorescent dye oligonucleotide labeling services. Alexa is a green fluorescent dye with.

Description. Alexa Fluor Polyclonal antibody specifically detects Alexa Fluor in Chemical samples. It is validated for Flow Cytometry. The monoclonal antibody was purified from tissue culture supernatant or ascites by affinity chromatography. The antibody was conjugated to Alexa Fluor® Alexa Fluor secondary antibody is ideal immunofluorescence antibodies to get bright and sensitive immunofluorescent staining in cell and tissue fluorescent. Discover CST's Anti-rabbit IgG (H+L) (F(ab')2 Fragment) Alexa Fluor® Conjugate #, ideal for fluorescence-based detection in immunolabeling. MABX Sigma-AldrichAnti-NeuN Antibody, clone A60, Alexa Fluor® conjugated · Anti-NeuN Antibody, clone A60, Alexa Fluor® conjugated is an antibody. Alexa solution is added to 2 mg/mL of F-actin at a final concentration of μM. It is recommended that DMSO be kept below % in the actin solution. AF is a bright and photostable dye. Due to its high hydrophilicity, this is a dye of choice for the labeling of sensitive proteins and antibodies. Alexa Fluor® Alexa Fluor® conjugated antibodies absorb light maximally at nm and fluoresce with a peak around nm. In aqueous mounting media. For sensitive, direct immunofluorescent detection of His-tagged proteins, with an emission peak at and nm.

SNAP-Surface Alexa Fluor is a green fluorescent substrate used for labeling SNAP-tag fusions in solution or on the surface of living cells. Alexa is one of the most popular Alexa Fluor™ dyes and is widely used in Fluorescence Microscopy, flow cytometry, and for staining low expression markers. Alexa Fluor® dyes, part of our Alexa Fluor fluorescent conjugates range, give you outstanding results in flow cytometry and immunofluorescence / confocal. AF dye with a terminal amino group with emission in the green region of the spectrum. Review of a set of fluors based on Alexa Fluor (AF) , for receptor binding studies. Article presents structures of AF and AF, as well as a large. Human Podocalyxin Alexa Fluor® conjugated Antibody Summary Detects human Podocalyxin in direct ELISAs and Western blots. In Western blots, no cross-. Alexa Fluor is a fluorescent compound with an excitation peak at nm and an emission peak at nm. Other spectra of interest include: CFSE. Spectra Viewer – Alexa Fluor ™, All transmission and blocking (OD) data are actual, measured spectra of representative production lots. Spectra. Rabbit recombinant monoclonal PD-L1 antibody [] conjugated to Alexa Fluor® Validated in Flow Cyt, ICC/IF and tested in Human.

Alexa Fluor is a bright, green-fluorescent dye with excitation ideally suited for the nm laser line. 5' Alexa Fluor® (NHS Ester). Return to Fluorophores Modifications. Alexa Fluor® Dyes. Scientific Details. MW: Mod Code: /5AlexN/. Extinction. Recombinant Monoclonal. View Anti- Trastuzumab (Anti-Idiotype) Alexa Fluor® ‑conjugated Antibody (FABG) validated in Multi-Species & Flow Cytometry. Alexa Fluor® anti-Nestin Antibody - Nestin is a class VI intermediate filament protein originally found in neuronal stem cells, and is required for.

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